“So what?”

An excellent, on-point article capturing something I’ve often worried about myself. 

What is the relevance of the article to practice – or any other aspect of the real world?

What is the relevance of the article to policy?

What is the relevance of the article to other academic research and writing?

What is the relevance of the article to theory?

The journal article it refers to is available here [PDF].

Call for submissions: What does your feminist utopia look like?

The Feminist Utopia Project is looking for submissions.

We are currently compiling radically imaginative essays, short fiction, poetry, and artwork that answer the question of what a feminist world would look like. These contributions will root themselves in history and experience to invent and demand a better future. We hope that this anthology, in offering a diverse collection of utopias, will inspire American feminists (as well as potential feminists) to imagine their own visions and reach for unprecedented possibilities.


Out in the Night: a documentary following the New Jersey Four

On Truthout:

Out in the Night moves beyond the court case and fear-mongering headlines to examine the lives of each of the women as individual people with families and community connections. Filmmaker Blair Doroshwalther interviews Renata and Terrain about their friendship and coming out to their families. Patreese’s siblings are also interviewed. All four women’s families were accepting of their sexual orientation, but they note, people on the streets of Newark were not.

Watch a trailer for the film on Vimeo.